10 Best Android Apps To Beat Smartphone Addiction


Smartphone addition is new age phenomenon that is only rising with the time. Here, people are glued to their smartphone devices while disengaging with real-life things. Further, this smartphone addiction is also affecting user’s health negatively. To deal with this smartphone addiction, we have discussed some useful apps here that can help you keep tab on smartphone usage to save your precious time.

Social Fever:

Social Fever offers futuristic solution to help you deal with smartphone addiction. This smart tool not only helps you keep tab on your smartphone usage but it also helps you protect your eye and ear health. Using this tool, you can set goals for yourself and further track those goals to know how you managed to save some time for your interests & hobbies. It even helps you set alerts to avoid over usage of your device. Here, you can set different alerts for different tasks like an alert for app usage, device usage alert, time used, number of screens unlock and so on. In other features, it offers reports, phone unlocks logs and backstage power saving.




OFFTIME helps you monitor and customize your digital connectivity to help you limit your smartphone usage. Here, you can unplug, digitally detox and focus on more important things in your life. It offers a bunch of useful features like auto-replies, unblock VIP or other important contacts, missed phone activity list, restriction to apps & Internet, limit phone usage, multiple profile options, track app & phone usage, reminders, alarms and lot more.



Keep Me Out:

Use this powerful tool to cut down your smartphone usage to save some time for important things in life. You can use this smart solution to keep yourself out for some time from your smartphone usage. Here, you will manage to get lot of distraction-free time for yourself and for people who matter to you. Despite having yourself blocked from phone usage, you will still have access to the lock screen and its widgets so that you can answer calls and make emergency calls.



Phone Addiction Blocker:

If you suffer from symptoms of smartphone addiction than this app is for you. You can use its built-in features to lock your device for specified period of time so that you manage to save some important time for yourself. Here, it will display a timer on your screen until set time gets finish. Here, once you start timer you will not be able to use your device until timer sets down to 00:00 hours.



Detox Procrastination Blocker:

Use this app to digitally detox yourself to relax your mind and body. This smart tool offers all useful features in seamless manner without being cluttered with unnecessary functions. Use this tool to set timer when it will not allow you to use your smartphone. You can set timer for up to 11 hours when you can spend time doing some real-life things. Further, you can also uninstall all unnecessary apps on your phone using built-in feature on this app.




This smart app offers an interesting solution to help you deal with smartphone addiction. Here, you need to bet with digital coins to avoid smartphone usage. While using this app’s features, you need to set time duration, apps (that you want to stop using during the challenge) and coins you want to bet on your challenge. In case, you use any app from prescribed apps you will lose all your coins else you will get 20% hike on your stake value. Here the stakes are high as you need to buy coins with real money.



Quality Time:

Use this app to monitor phone usage from morning to night. It offers easy-to-navigate “timeline” to help you organize your smartphone usage. For better phone management, it displays daily and weekly reports with information like total phone usage, screen unlocks, app usage and other useful details. Further, you can zoom in on reports to see hourly usage for better management. It even allows you to manage resource-hungry apps with simple features.




Use this tool to define normal smartphone usage to save your precious time. AntiSocial keeps on running in the background to offer you immediate and effective results. Using its daily & monthly smartphone usage reports, you can manage your phone usage in much better way. It even allows you to identify resource-hungry apps and helps you manage them. Its different blocking modes are useful enough to manage smartphone usage effortlessly.



App Usage:

Use this simple yet effective tool to manage smartphone usage effortlessly. It displays all useful information on your device to help you monitor and reduce smartphone usage in a much better way. It displays information like average app usage time, how many times you have checked your mobile and display history for better management. Further, it also displays most used apps and apps that are not in use to help you recover storage space.




Space works on an easy and user-friendly interface to offer you seamless user experience. You can use its customizable features to disconnect from mobile addiction. It allows you to set and refine your goals to help you save time. In other features, it helps you read phone usage pattern, display history, and most used apps. This smart app is one of the best solutions to curb smartphone addiction.




Using apps to break your smartphone addiction is one best solution to get instant and effective results. These smart apps work on futuristic solutions to help you keep tab on your smartphone usage and further curb your phone addiction. We suggest you these apps for better results to save your precious time and reconnect with the real world.