5 Reasons iPhone is More Secure than Android


It could be a long-running debate to select best operating system when you plan to buy a new smartphone. Here, Android, iOS, Blackberry or any other operating system could be debated as a first preference based on different features and functionalities. Being open source operating system Android offers immense freedom to users to tweak device settings as per their needs. Further, iPhone and Blackberry are known for better security features they offer. In this article, we have discussed 5 reasons iPhone is considered to be more secure than Android.

Apple Uses Sandboxing: While Android is open source platform to offer more freedom and flexibility, Apple uses a security technique called sandboxing to offer you improved security on your device. Under sandboxing, every app on your Apple device runs in its own walled-off space (a Sandbox). Here, an app communicates with an operating system to a certain level and further it doesn’t allow interaction with other apps on device. Thus, even if a certain app gets an infection (malware) on your device, it will not go outside the sandbox and infect other apps. Whereas in Android, apps can easily communicate with other apps and operating system. It is primarily due to open source platform that Android works on.

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App Store is More Secure: Apple conducts a detailed review before allowing any app to be available in its App Store. Here, the review is conducted on different security and performance parameters to help users get best out of the App Store. It usually takes almost 2 weeks before Apple allow any app to be available on App Store. On the other hand, it is possible you will make your app available on Play Store in few hours. Here, Google conducts all basic review and allow your app to be available on Google Play Store without much trouble. Due to this thorough review process App Store is considered to be safer to install apps in comparison to Google Play Store.

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It’s Easy to Get Security Patches on iOS Devices: Operating system updates are easy and more instant on iOS devices as compared to Android phones. Here, iOS OS runs only on iPhones while Android software is available on various devices made by numerous manufacturers. When you talk about security patches on iOS devices, it is easy to install while it becomes tough for Google to offer security patches and bug fixes that work across all carriers and makers. Here, you may find that the latest update is not available on your device right away.

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iOS Works on Closed Source Platform: As we discussed earlier Android works on open source platform that is useful for more flexibility and customization. Further, it also brings certain security issues on your device due to this feature. Here, Android devices are targeted more by cybercriminals due to open source platform. On the other hand, Apple retains complete control over its code to make iOS device closed source and more secure. Due to this reason, it reduces the need for installing anti-virus for iPhone devices.

Harder to Jailbreak: Jailbreaking your iOS device is comparatively harder than rooting your Android device. Here, you can jailbreak or root your smartphone device to customize its features and both Apple and Android allow you to do this. Though difference is that, you will find it harder to jailbreak your iOS device than to root your Android phone.

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Conclusion: There could be numerous reasons behind the popularity of Android devices in all user categories still iOS devices are known for their improved security features. Here, Apple is determined to keep its code and devices safe to a level where cybercriminals find it hard to break in its security. In this article, we have discussed top 5 reasons why iPhone devices are considered to be more secure than Android.