Hotstar changed its UI which exactly look alike Netflix


Applications like Hotstar and Netflix which are competing which each other to show the online content and shows in India and the update which is recently done by the hotstar had made harder for people to differentiate in between two applications. The UI of hotstar is recently updated and the feature it has look same as the UI of Netflix.

The features that are shown by the hotstar UI which made its debut in Amazon Fire TV stick show preview that has links to all the episodes and trailers of the selected show. There is also an episode listing with thumbnails, titles, and the synopsis of different episodes with all the seasons made available on the episode listing to let users easily move from one season to another.

When finding out the similarities, the hotstar will now have the preview of the show you have selected. On the left-hand side, we will have the gist of the show with the links of the latest episode and below that the website have the link of a season and all episodes and below it, we have the extra clips if there are any. On the right-hand side of the screen, we will have the poster of the selected show.

Apart from this feature in the new UI of hotstar is that the episode listing on the updated Hotstar looks similar to the episode listing on Netflix. There are thumbnails showing the glimpse of the episodes at the right, along with the title of the episode and the synopsis. Viewers can also switch to other seasons or episodes from the episode listing.

The hotstar’s this UI is now available only on the Amazon Fire TV Stick and there are no words that this UI will be coming on the other platforms by the company or not.