Is that an iPhone 8 in Tim Cook’s pocket?


People on the internet seem to think Apple CEO Tim Cook is carrying around the next iPhone, as evidenced by a photo he tweeted of visit to a manufacturer.  

Here’s what this photo tells me, if that even is the next iPhone in his pocket: the upcoming iPhone will be rectangular in shape; it will look quite large in the pocket of a six-foot-something man; and it might draw some attention to your crotch. If we look close to this image we will notice that it may be the next iPhone.

iPhone 8 Specifications and Features

Specifications iPhone 8
Battery 3000 mAh
Camera Features

Dual Led Flash, 4k Video


Camera – Rear 16 Megapixels
Camera – Front 8 Megapixels

Fast Charging, 5G Technology,

Finger Print Scanner,

Retina Eye Scanner

Memory 32/64/128 GB Internal memory and expandable with dual Micro SD cards
Operating System iOS 11
Processor A – 11
Release Date September 2017

Gold, Rose Gold White,

Silver, Jet Black