Microsoft develops underwater Datacenter


Big companies have big data centers which need to stored in big data centers and cooling these data centers is one of the biggest costs of running a data center. Big companies are now coming up with some creativity of setting these in the cold area. So, Microsoft has come up with a good idea of setting up their data center underwater which is self-sustaining so it can save a lot of energy which is needed to cool its server on land.

Microsoft with the help of a French manufacturing company called Naval Group designed this watertight cylindrical shell. This shell has adapted a commonly-used submarine cooling system which is economical in today’s times. Microsoft named this project as “Project Natick” which will work on low-latency cloud computing facility on the ocean floor and to bring cloud computing infrastructure closer to big cities near large water bodies.

Companies main motive is to place the data center hundreds of feet below the sea level so that they can cut the cost of the air conditioners running to cool the data centers. In July 2014, Microsoft ran the first phase of this project but was revealed to the public in 2016. They claimed that their team has developed a lab-built proof-of-concept datacenter prototype in 30 feet of water off the Californian coast, which was operational for 105 days.

Microsoft in a blog post said, “Project Natick’s 40-foot long Northern Isles datacentre is loaded with 12 racks containing a total of 864 servers and associated cooling system infrastructure. The data center was assembled and tested in France. Later the data center was shipped to Scotland on a flatbed truck. There it was attached to a ballast-filled triangular base for deployment on the seabed.”

In the second phase of this project the data center consists of a 40-foot long white cylinder which has 864 servers and a cooling system. This data center was made and tested in France and then was transported to Scotland and it was then attached to a ballast-filled triangular base for a seabed.

“We know if we can put something in here and it survives, we are good for just about any place we want to go,’ said Ben Cutler, a project manager in the special projects group in Microsoft’s research organization that leads the Project Natick team.

“Our vision is to be able to deploy computer rapidly anywhere on the planet as needed by our customers,” says Christian Belady, general manager of cloud infrastructure strategy and architecture in Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise division.

This data center will be there underwater for next 12 months and the team will monitor it. The center will be connected to the world through fiber optics cable and to the data center, they are sending seawater through radiators on the back of server racks and then it will be released in the ocean back.

Now we have to see this technology works or not if it worked then it would be a great energy saver. Microsoft is hoping to create an underwater technology that completely tries to cut the cost of air condition in the data centers.