Paytm adds chat feature to its app with INBOX for in-chats payments


Paytm officially rolled out a messaging feature called Paytm Inbox, the feature is a full messaging platform, which allows users to chat using messages, share photos and videos, and of course, you can send and receive money (using the Paytm Wallet).

In a pretty clear dig at WhatsApp, the Paytm blog post about the new feature also mentions Message Recall as a highlight feature – a jab at how long it took to get WhatsApp Delete for Everyone. The WhatsApp’s recall feature is time-sensitive, meaning messages sent within 7-minutes can only be recalled. With Paytm Inbox, there’s no time limit.

It also shares another new WhatsApp feature – live location sharing.

The update – which is already available on Android, and coming to iOS soon – adds Inbox to the main Paytm app, in the bottom navigation bar. Tap on the Inbox and you can start chatting with your friends. It uses your Paytm linked phone number and if you press the new message button, it shows you the phone numbers of all your friends who use the app as well.

Given how many people have used Paytm – whether it was to take advantage of an e-commerce deal, to set up payments for Uber, or even to buy something offline when there was no cash available – we saw almost all of our phone contacts, which is a big advantage Paytm Inbox has over most new messaging apps, in that you can assume most of your contacts already are on the platform.

The actual messaging experience in Paytm is pretty standard though one disappointing UI element is that the text box is just a single line. This means that if you type a slightly long text of more than five or six words, you can’t see what you were saying at the beginning on the sentence. This also makes it harder to edit your message before sending it.

On the bottom row, you’ll see other icons, for the camera, gallery, send and receive money, and a location icon. We tested this using a second Paytm account with Inbox and it works as expected. However, if you’re chatting with someone who either has an older version of the app (or with an iOS user), they won’t get your message, or your money requests. Because of this, it might be a few days or even weeks before you can use Paytm Inbox ubiquitously, as people catch up to the latest version.

The chatting option on Paytm Inbox enables users to have private as well as group conversations, share photos, videos and live location, and capture and share moments with the built-in camera. Apart from that, Paytm Inbox also includes notifications, orders and games. Users can see all the cashback offers available under notifications, view order and transactions under orders and engage in cricket and trivia-based games under games.

How to use Paytm Inbox?

— Update your Paytm from Play Store.

— Once updated, you will see an Inbox button at bottom of the page, on the left of Bank.

— Tap on Inbox and you will now see all your contacts who are already available on Paytm Inbox.

— Tap on the contact you wish to chat with and start chatting.