Top 5 Android Apps from April

Top 5 apps to download now on your Android smartphone.

1. Google Handwriting Input


This is one of the best keyboards from Google. You just scribble on it and it recognize the words. Even when you write Hindi i.e. Hindi written in English Script. Now we think its enough work done from Google to convince you that they have the best keyboards on PlayStore.



Pros: Even let you draw Smiley’s

Cons: Not Comfortable on phones having Display less than 5″inches

2. Mindly


This is an Amazing app by dripgrind. This app lets you to organize your thoughts in on place giving them different colors according to your Priority. You can attach Notes, images or give icon to your thoughts. You can even Export your thoughts as PDF/Text/OPML file. It also syncs to your Dropbox.

Price: Free


Pros: Good UI/Interface

Cons: There aare In-App Purchases so that you can remove the limit of number of elements.

3.  Studystorm


This Awesome app is from Brightstorm.This app lets you study different subjects. It Prepares you for different tests like ACT, SAT and AP Test. It lets you study 21 different subjects. It has video library for video lectures.

Price: Free

Rating: 8.2/10

Pros: Gives you most of the study material than most of the apps Available

Cons: Some videos required In-App Purchases .

Test Preparation is limited to some tests only.

4. Handpick


Its is a recipe app for great food recipe on the Internet. This app gives you the recipe which is prepared by the people who actually cook that recipe. It creates a list of dishes from Instagram, famous food websites. There are no bad dishes there.

Price: Free


Pros: Best recipes from Internet and no nonsense dish

Cons: No Cons till Now

5. Does Not Commute


Again an app by Mediocre whose previous apps are superhit. This is a game in which you are in 1970’s  and devolves in traffic chaos.  You will drive the traffic on your own.

Price: Free

Rating: 9/10

Pros: Strategic game and remarkable graphics. Its an ad free game.

Cons: In-App Purchases let you to start from Checkpoint.