Internet is an ocean of knowledge, thoughts, myths, hypothetical questions and what not.

Internet has a good and bad side. I recommend you to remain on the good side of it as the bad side of internet can get worst.

(1). Never download any attachment files from spam emails.

I think everybody has an e mail id, which we use for official/personal purposes. We all get tons of spam emails every day.

For Example:-



To opt out, click here.

Some emails like that have an attachment file to it as well which download automatically in your computer.

Now, let me tell you what it is and what it does.

It is a Trojan virus. It is going to launch automatically and will give all controls of your pc to the hacker that created such Trojan.

Your passwords, personal data and history will be in his hands now.

That person also can access your webcam too and see you doing things.

Internet is a bad place. Stay away from spam emails.

(2). Never visit any website which doesn’t have an HTTPS.

Many of us don’t bother about all this. We just go where we want to go. *Right to freedom*

The “S in Https is called secure, which means that your data is safe and secured. Hackers cannot steal your personal data from here. Unless, there’s a loophole.

A HTTP website does not guarantee any security of your personal data. These websites either sells your personal data to others or it can be easily accessible to hackers.

One more point related to this is,

Always check for https in the URL before entering any Id/Password for FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM ETC.

(3). Always use VPN. Exceptions- Banking.

VPN is one of the best ways to be anonymous while browsing the internet. You can do anything without being tracked.

(4). Never access torrent websites without a VPN.

Another VPN use told.

If you want to download any pirated movies, games, cracked versions of paid software’s, you can download it with the use of VPN.

In India, it is illegal to browse torrent websites.

But I don’t think it is illegal to download torrent files.

(5). Never access Dark Web sites.

You are like a noob in the big league.

Dark web can provide you with anything from fake credit card sales/payments to child pornography.

I recommend you to stay away from this if you don’t have any prior knowledge about hacking and similar stuff.

(6). Never pay anything to these QUICK MONEY MAKING INSTAGRAM PAGES.

You would have seen some Instagram pages which say “MAKE MONEY QUICK, 100% TRUSTED.”

They say 100% trusted,

I say don’t trust them.

Some sells you AdSense approved apps or websites and tells you to click ads to earn money through Google.

Some tell you to give Rs.200 and get Rs. 360 in return. *Happened with my friend* and you know what happened next.

Some tell to pay half the amount for a product to deliver.

For example- A dslr worth 55k is said to be sold for only 13k.


Because they are carders. Carders are people who make payments through fake credit cards.

Totally illegal.

Stay away.

(7). Uninstall applications downloaded from unknown publishers.

Again, these soft wares can be harmful for your PC and should be uninstalled completely.

Unnecessary applications like chromebots etc. should be uninstalled.

(8). Never play any Free quiz, Surveys etc.

You would have been aware of the Facebook data leak.

What Cambridge Analytica did was, they created a quiz game for people to answer so that they could use that information.

What these quizzes do is they get to know your preferences on some topics and provide you with similar ads on social media to influence you.

So, don’t get yourself into this trap.

(9). Never login into any Public WI-FI.

Don’t use public WIFI for your safety as it is a playground for hackers.

You can get trapped really badly.

(10). Never threaten anyone over the internet.

It’s is considered as a cyber-crime. Don’t do it.