YouTube is rolling out Breaking News feature: Report


YouTube has reportedly started rolling out a ‘Breaking News’ section in users’ feeds. Unlike most roll-outs of YouTube features, this one is not restricted to a limited audience, and seems to have been done on a wider scale.

YouTube’s new section has seven videos displayed horizontally. Users can scroll and select the one they wish to watch among these. Reports suggest that these videos are same for users living in one geographical area. As of now, YouTube’s ‘Breaking News’ section has a number of videos related to the Barcelona terrorist attack.

This can also mean that there is a possibility that this section and such videos will only appear when an incident such as the Barcelona terror attack occurs. It isn’t clear as of now whether Breaking News is a feature which appears occasionally or a permanent one, but there is an option of hiding the section in case a user doesn’t wish to see it.

The feature is available for iOS and Android apps and also for YouTube’s desktop website. However, it is being rolled out in phases.

There is no word as to when YouTube will roll out this feature for everyone. Although it won’t be of much help to general users, it is surely to provide big assistance to creators as they can easily keep track of the traffic on their videos.

Source: gadgetsnow